Reach Out and Touch Someone!

Yes, a classic advertisement slogan developed by N.W. Ayer Agency for AT&T in 1979, continued through the 80’s and still very relevant today.

Staying in touch with our clients is not just important, but essential to building a quality, sustainable practice.  Recognizing business anniversaries is an excellent way to let a client know that you appreciate the fact that the client chose you to conduct their legal work.  A holiday card can say many things: “Thanks for the business,” “We appreciate you,” “We do remember who you are”, or just “I’m not dead yet!”

If clients regularly visit your office, from November through the first half of January or longer, displaying your holiday cards from peers and clients sends a powerful message to your visitors.  It says: “People like our firm!”

If your business is like most businesses, especially in the legal community, referrals are one of your most important sources of business.  Developing a consistent, systematic process to personally Reach Out and Touch your clients will help build your brand, expand your practice, and is the right thing to do.

If you are looking for assistance in setting up your systematic approach, call on the consultants at NoviLex to help you build your business.