As a business reaching new or current questions is vital for continuing profitability.  The first step is to define who are your top customers or clients. The best way to find your top clients is to use data analysis on your client list.  (If you do not keep an active client list the time to start is now).  Everyone responds differently to advertisements.  Think about the last time you watched television.  Were there commercials that you liked?  Ones that you hated?  Someone else can have the exact opposite viewpoints.  The one size fits all is a terrible idea for marketing.  The marketing needs to be specific to your top customers.  Your top customers are not an average of all of your clients.   The specifics are in the details for marketing to be effective.  The top customers should be a large group of individuals.  An example would be a married male between the ages of 45-55.  The details of your client list will provide the opportunity to create at least 3 demographics to market to.  Finding the who then leads to the what.  The what is the actual ad.  By understanding the specific group of client to run an ad for it can be tailored to a specific ad or promotion this demographic would be likely to respond to.  Every day we come across hundreds of ads trying to sell us something so being relevant is very important.  Being relevant is also part of the third step of where to market.  In the past there was very limited places to run ads but know with the internet and social media there are many options to choose from.  This again is why defining who the ad will be shown to is so important because who it is defines where you should run the ad.  These are very simple concepts but can make a world of difference in have effective marketing that drives your business.  Using these ways can also provide measurements of what marketing is working providing the most results.