Why do advertise?  Because we want to acquire more customers or keep in interest of the ones we currently have.  Some of the prevailing strategies of marketing are to be more successful higher amounts of money need to be spent on advertising.   Even just copying what others in the industry are doing. While in some instances this may work because of sheer numbers the majority of small businesses do not have the resources to increase their marketing budgets.  And if you have the resources do you really want to compete with large companies that have unlimited resources in marketing?  It makes it almost impossible to compete yet there are a good number of companies who try to acquire the customers of these large customers.  In these instances the majority if not all of their resources are wasted.  Consider the following example of a personal injury law firm:


What do you notice about the ad?  The heading for the ad is do you have a personal injury case.  If someone has a personal injury case they likely already have a lawyer, so you are just marketing to another company’s clients.  So what should you do to get in front of clients before they are another company’s client?  The first part of it is defining your perfect client.  In the example of the personal injury firm what if the ad stated “Been in an accident, you may not need an attorney” and then offers a pdf of the 5 major common mistakes with an insurance adjuster and how to find the right attorney.  In this way content would be provide value to gain the trust of the customer.  It could also possibly eliminate some of the wasted time with individuals who will never become clients.  By being the first and providing value it will be a fraction of the cost to acquire new customers.