Client Development

Are you looking for new clients? Are you wanting to upgrade the type of client that you are receiving? Have you identified for your ideal client actually is? Where are you that client is coming from? The profile down to the very specifics of the individual or entity that you most enjoy working with and therefore fulfills the objectives of your business?

Client Development is critical to the long-term success of your practice. When you can clearly identify and articulate the exact types of individuals and companies that you do business with, it is easier for others to refer to you.  You need to be the first person thought of when your ideal client is in front of a referral source.  This way, they are prepared to send you quality referrals even if you are a competitor, or if the referrer is not even related to the legal business.

Identifying your ideal client is the first step. Now, where are you marketing? How are you acquiring those clients? Where did the last 5 ideal clients come from?  Will your staff be involved?  Do you have outside contractors that are currently interacting with your clients? We can address marketing strategies, tactics and programs. Even the white and yellow pages are appropriate for some types of practices. Depending on who your client is will also make a difference when you start creating additional marketing and informational pieces, either on your website for in print or in email or blog form to address to your target clients or target referral sources.

The professionals at NoviLex Consulting Group look forward to consulting with you on how to build a better new client development process and help you achieve success on purpose.  Phone us today at (480) 265-9181.