Practice Management

Management, business, vision.Practice management covers everything from leasing the space that you occupy for your practice, or multiple spaces as the case may be, to the software you use, to the staffing that you need, and the myriad of services and vendors that you combine to perform your services.

Often practitioners have built their practices organically, and just as a well trimmed garden yields wonderful fruits and vegetables, the organic nature of much growth yields a few weeds along with the delectables.

Momentum can be a difficult thing to overcome. As practitioners it is often difficult to separate what is a business decision versus the legal necessity of continuing to move forward on cases. Sometimes those decisions get neglected completely or delegated to another, or worse micro managed to a point that there’s truly a lack of of activity or lack of decision-making that occurs. Regardless of where this fits into a firm, it can be important to take an overall view and step back and begin with a 30,000 foot view of what the practice looks like and how the pieces operate together.

What is your intake process? What do clients experience as they meet with you? Have you asked them?  Do you have services that could be off-loaded or out-sourced? Any projects that don’t require your skill set and knowledge? Better use of your time and talents?

Taking a critical look at practice management can help identify areas of growth and opportunities.  You can learn to make adjustments and changes, provide you with either more time to do the things that you enjoy, or more time to practice the things that you would prefer to practice. For some it’s an extra game of golf for others more time with family and for others the ability to make to look towards that earlier retirement. If you are looking to make adjustments and changes in the way that you practice and it’s time to have a practice management fitness test, call the consultants at NoviLex Consulting Group for free initial consultation to find out how they can be of service to you and your practice.

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