Having the right support staff is essential.  Having the right staff can include full time highly skilled paralegals and legal secretaries or part time contract workers, and everything in-between.

Whether you are looking for that new paralegal or legal secretary or even an additional associate, finding the right fit, with the right personality, the right skill set, and the drive and dedication that you’re looking for can present difficult questions.

As the number one expense that most practiced his face, having the right kind of staff can make all the difference in the bottom line. Sometimes, outsourcing particular job functions as they do not require full time or even part time work can be a tremendously effective way to accomplish a lower overall cost with higher levels of productivity $4. At NoviLex Consulting, we understand how to build successful businesses, and the kinds of people and personalities it will require in order for you to have a more successful practice. We look forward to working with you and your existing staff to help you make considered choices about adding new staff or services, and building the right size office to fit the lifestyle you desire. We look forward to consulting with you to help you discover the things that are important to you.