Strategic Business Plan

contentSubstantial benefits of developing a Strategic Business Plan include: 

  • Ability to Stay on Strategy.   A strategic business plan will help you summarize your key business points and be a reminder to stay focused.
  • Clear Business Objectives.  Define measurable objectives in marketing, new cases, types of clients and cases.
  • Prioritization.  Beyond the broad strategy, the daily/weekly/monthly/quarterly objectives can be organized within the Plan to better meet the strategies.
  • Milestones to Keep Your Team on Target.  Utilize your Business Plan to help you stay organized with specific target dates and deadlines.
  • Delegation and Team Management.  Your Strategic Business Plan can support your delegation efforts and help you make better Team decisions, while staying focused on the milestones and objectives.
  • Cash Flow Management. Any Business Plan must include financial projections addressing rational targets for income, expenses and allocation of resources.  This can also be helpful in securing financing for your business if you need outside financing for start-up or expansion costs.
  • Course Corrections.  Seeing your targets in advance will help you stay pointed in the right direction and be pro-active in your solutions.  Rather than reacting to each day or moments urgency.  Your strategic business plan can help you identify the important / non-urgent activities that can truly drive your business to success.

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